AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU with 16 cores mentioned in the benchmark database, supports DDR4-5000 RAM


Even before CES 2019, rumors about 16-core AMD Ryzen CPUs appeared in January this year, but they were not announced on the show. Now, a few weeks before Computex 2019, this rumor starts again. Tagged Thailand hardware maker TUM_APISAK publishes Twitter specifications for what it considers to be a technical example of a 16-core Ryzen processor. The details are found in the benchmark online database, although he does not determine who. The results may come from samples that AMD told motherboard manufacturers to validate before the official announcement of the chip, as suggested by Jim Parker from AdoredTV in a tweet comment.

According to TUM_APISAK, unnamed processors have 16 cores, 3.3 GHz base clock frequency and 4.2 GHz acceleration speed. If this is really a technical example, this speed can increase before the official release of this chip, because AMD made final adjustments. This chip is tested on the motherboard based on the upcoming X570 platform. No other specifications are known, but it can be assumed that this chip supports multi-thread with a total of 32 threads. Laicist said he could immediately publish a benchmark screenshot.

Previously, AMD had to add Ryzen 9 to its product line to meet the Intel Core i9 for the highest desktop processor. AMD Managing Director Lisa Su shows the eight-core Ryzen CES 2019 processor model with two different chips per pack. octanuclear matrix and other modular IO chips. Obviously there is room for a second 8-kernel cartridge, which is a bit of a drainage leak.

AMD can deliver the next generation Ryzen 3000 Series processor from Computex 2019, with Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su giving the opening speech. Instead, it might annoy them or check with the official launch on July 7, the date chosen to highlight the 7nm architecture in which the chip was built. Ryzen 3000 series will be built around two Zen architectures, electric renovation + Zen and Zen design, which helps AMD to return to its strong market position after years of lagging behind Intel.

Meanwhile, AMD X570 based motherboards will be available at Computex 2019. MSI has launched a teaser animation on a motherboard with built-in Wi-Fi 6.

In addition, Yuri Bouley, a fan and developer of Ryzen’s DRAM Calculator, writes that the Ryzen 3000 series will support DDR4 RAM up to 5,000 MHz with overclocking. As noted by, it will be very hit compared to current Ryzen processors.

Intel’s efforts to produce 10nm processors and hoard new 14nm models must help AMD in the short term. While Intel is committed to finally delivering 10nm processors in volume this year, AMD will release a 7nm Ryzen processor and 7nm EPYC processor based on the “Rome” architecture for 7nm “Navi” servers and graphics processors for user data centers and graphics cards, all in 2019.

Maybe the number of cores in the Ryzen 3000 range, six cores and 12 threads will probably be the standard in Ryzen 3 and 12-core and 16-core options AMD will form the highest class Ryzen 7 or suspected Ryzen to add 9 series.

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