Apple Releases iOS 13.1 Public Beta Before Release iOS 13


Apple has not released iOS 13 to all its users yet, and has released the public beta of iOS 13.1. Moreover, this beta was released for developers a day earlier. According to information, iOS 13.1 offers users the early beta features of iOS 13.
The 13th version of Apple’s iOS operating system for mobile devices has not yet been distributed to all users, but the company seems to have finished with iOS 13. What makes this comment is that Apple has released iOS 13.1’s public beta, and only one day after it was released for developers.

According to reports, iOS 13.1, iOS 13’s early beta features again offers users. For example, the Share ETA feature in Maps and the audio sharing feature, which you can share with your friend, audio files that are played in Airpods or some Beats ears.

The two features mentioned above are the details that make the iOS 13 interesting, but smaller details than the new dark mode and advanced editing features in the Photos app.

Another feature added to iOS 13 is the ability to use shortcut automations. This feature allows you to automate your smart home devices depending on the status of your phone. For example, you can turn on the lights when your phone is disconnected from Apple CarPlay.

In addition to these features, Siri is now a little smarter. When you ask Siri to do something, you get an answer asking you to clarify what you want. This helps Siri to be more versatile. This feature is also available to third-party developers. Thus, developers can take advantage of this feature to make their applications more useful.

The fact that iOS 13.1 is also published does not mean that iOS 13 will not be published. iOS 13 is expected to be released on September 10 with the release of new iPhones. iOS 13 will be available for all users a few weeks after the release of iOS 13.1.

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