Apple Web Engine web browser for new data protection features for ad tracking


Apple Inc. said on Wednesday webkit browser will launch new technology to monitor ad clicks and whether they lead to product purchases while respecting the privacy of users.

Users will not be uniquely identified on the websites they visit, AdKlicks and technology will only track websites in measuring clicks and not “opaque” countries, according to a blog post on the web to involve webkit sites.

The Apple stage shows how more public scrutiny brings more transparency to Silicon Valley, especially when rivals Facebook and Alphabet Inc are struggling with a privacy scandal.

The March program gave Apple a focus on privacy, as introduced by Apple News +, a new thing that he would communicate to users, advertisers and credit cards Goldman Sachs read that they would sell any user data to merchants.

New webkit web technology avoids the trust of any party, whether network or merchant and limits communication between them to prevent the exchange of data that each user can trace.

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would release features such as hyphens in the Chrome browser to give users more control over how cookies are tracked, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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