Apple’s New Standalone App for macOS to Be Like iTunes


Talking about a stand-alone music application that presents Apple with MacOS 10.15, according to reports made based on the existing iTunes framework, and not on the new application code.

Instead of making apps from scratch, the new macOS music application will become the popular AppKit Mac application, iTunes, but with several separate applications to help Apple concentrate better on music, 9to5Mac announced Thursday.

It is believed that upcoming music applications have retained many existing iTunes features, including smart playlists, advanced library management, disk reading and recording, and iPod and iOS devices.

With a new stand-alone application for all types of MacOS 10.15 media, iTunes focuses exclusively on music and is renamed music, very similar to its iOS counterpart, 9To5Mac announced.

Apple will officially release MacOS 10.15 at the World Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

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