Boeing detected errors in the 737 Max simulation software after the accident


Boeing acknowledged on Saturday that it needed to correct deficiencies in flight simulator software 737. Max trained the pilot after two deaths by plane which killed 346 people.

“Boeing has adapted the simulator 737 Max software and provided additional information to equipment operators to ensure that the simulator experience represents a variety of flight conditions,” the statement said.

The company does not state when to first know the problem and notify the regulator.

His testimony was first recognized when Boeing acknowledged that the design of Max’s 737 software lacked that its anti-MCAS standpoint software was accused of causing many Ethiopian Airlines tragedies.

According to Boeing, Flight Simulator software cannot reproduce certain flight conditions similar to those seen during the fall of Ethiopian Airlines in March or the fall of Lion Air in October.

The company said “the latest changes will improve the manual load load simulation,” a handwheel that is rarely used to control aircraft angles.

“Boeing is working with manufacturers and regulator devices to ensure that customer training is not compromised,” he added.

Southwest Airlines, the main customer of the 737 Max with 34 aircraft in its fleet, told AFP that the first simulator was estimated to be “later this year”.

American Airlines, with 24 aircraft, has ordered 737 Max Simulator, which will be sent and commissioned in December.

“Based on ongoing reviews of two aircraft events, we are exploring the potential for training opportunities in consultation with the FAA and the Allied Pilots Association,” he added.

certification process
Aircraft are placed throughout the world and await US and international regulatory approvals before they can be reused.

Only Air Canada has a max simulator, sources in the industry say.

At present, there is only one 737 Max Flight Simulator specifically in the US owned by Boeing, according to FAA documentation.

American airlines train their pilots with Max, the simulator for the 737 NG, the 737 Max 737 Max from the 737 aircraft family.

According to Southwest, this is because Boeing stressed during the certification process that there was only a small difference from NG and that simple computer and online training could offset these differences.

The FAA, the European Aviation Safety Agency and Canadian regulatory authorities have agreed to this recommendation, Boeing stressed.

However, the 737 NG does not have an MCAS specifically designed for Max to correct aerodynamic anomalies because of the heavier engine and prevent the aircraft from falling.

Pilot training is expected to be the focus of the Forth Worth meeting, Texas international regulator on Thursday, where the FAA will try to convince its colleagues about the stability of the modified 737 Max certification process.

US regulators argue that pilot training simulators are not important. A position that is not approved by their Canadian pilots and partners.

Boeing said it had completed its 737 Max software update on Thursday.

The proposed solution, which addresses the problem of flight management systems, which in both cases is considered a factor, must now be approved by the US and international regulators before the aircraft can be put back into service.

US airlines have set appointments in August, where they are expected to continue with a maximum of 737.

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