Boeing Makes Structural Changes After 737 Max Crisis


Boeing, the new aircraft 737 Max-8s after a succession of a very serious crisis faced. The company is now making structural reforms to bring the planes back into the sky.

Boeing’s board established a new security committee and drafted new plans to strengthen the autonomy of its engineers. Boeing was subjected to serious public pressure after 737 Max-type planes crashed one after the other. The company’s planes haven’t been able to get flight permits for a long time.

Boeing’den Wednesday, according to statements from the board of directors, engineers no longer managers, the company’s chief engineer will account directly, he said. Because the management level was pressing the engineers very much in terms of budget and time. In addition, employees who are particularly dedicated to new products and security services will be guided by the US Hederal Aviation Administration’s Organization Appointment Competence program.

The company also said they would reshape aircraft cockpits and flight controls “taking into account the new pilot population”. In the aftermath of the accidents, especially the suspicions against the pilots of the developing countries increased. In most of these countries, pilot training was a topic of discussion as the aviation industry was developing and expanding in recent years. Boeing seems to lean on this point.

Boeing CEO and chairman Dennis Muilenburg and his team have recently been making special moves. “It’s an engineering firm – it needs to have more engineering culture, Mu says Muilenburg.

Boeing suffered a serious loss after falling aircraft, while 2.94 billion dollars in the second quarter of the year, while the companies can not fly to the plane of $ 5.6 billion in taxes paid. The 737 Max was the company’s best-selling aircraft so far, and 4500 aircraft were used worldwide.

The company is also overseen by various legal committees. Edmund Giambastiani, former US Army Chief of Staff, was one of the supervisors. Aircraft with new designs and renewed are not expected to have the same problems.

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