CES 2017 preview: Samsung, Sony, LG tempt new shiny products


The annual “Consumer Electronics Show” will be inaugurated on Thursday in Las Vegas, and many of the biggest exhibitors held a press conference on Wednesday to provide some products to be presented at this weekend’s event.

Samsung, LG, Sony and some other tempting products that are being marketed as the beginning of CES 2017, which includes the obvious – laptops, cellphones and TVs – but including new robot wizards, improved Smart Home and starting. “smart” devices such as mirrors and brushes.

This year CES, the 50th edition to be held, covers more than 2.6 million square meters of display in 24 product categories.

Although virtual reality has paid attention, adding artificial intelligence to everything and self-regulating cars, the most used devices on Wednesday for businesses for many people show the next step.

At a press conference, Samsung has introduced several new products, including a new TV with QLED TV, which offers a brighter and more colorful display. The remote control included with the TV aims to control more devices than before, and the sound features for TV, as well as the advanced functionality of the SmartHub application for Android and iOS.

To improve laundry, Samsung introduced the FlexWash and FlexDry systems, both machines have a double load, so large and small loads are carried out separately or together, each setting a different arrangement.

Samsung also introduced three laptops Wednesday: Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, each of which is designed to work with applications from the Google Play Store, 15-inch 9 notebooks for Windows 10 and gaming laptops called “Odyssey of the Laptop” Game specifications and options boot to draw more power from the laptop when needed.


LG announced another round to use OLED TV panels, including the LG Signature W7 65-inch TV with a thickness of 2.57 mm. LG introduces and enhances the 14 gram super lightweight laptop model and the five, four smartphone, which are 3 parts of the latest K series phones and LG Stylo.

The company also monitors everything with a surface with a refrigerator with a 29-inch screen that can be seen by the owner in the refrigerator without opening it and connecting Amazon with Alexa.

LG plans to release a robot hub, which, according to Alexa uses detection, there is an interactive display and changes direction to speak from view.


Sony debuted in the Bravia 4K OLED television series, which uses company acoustic surface technology to vibrate the display and let the sound emanate from the screen – the offer of wireless and useless TV – which increases the demands of corporate sentence visualization demands.

The new version of the leading HT-ST5000 audio tape, featuring Dolby 3D surround sound atmos, among other technologies, offers an increase in “sound filling space.”

Various new headsets have also been launched by Sony, many of which allow wireless options and silence, and show the installation of audio and TV components that work with Google at home to enable voice control of many of the company’s latest products.

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