China launched a four-stage rocket with the Yellow Sea satellite


According to Chinese authorities, China has “succeeded” in transporting solid rockets from the Yellow Sea into orbit.

The China space agency said Wednesday it had launched Changzheng 11, a four-speed rocket with five commercial satellites and two “windmeters”.

The launch took place at a time when tensions with the US on trade and defense were increasing. Over the weekend, China’s Defense Minister accused Washington of destabilizing the Pacific.

China launched an offshore platform for the first time to put Changzheng 11 into orbit.

In January, China released the same four satellite rockets. The country has sent the missile six times into the atmosphere until Wednesday.

“With the success of this rocket launcher, China has a technological vacuum,” the CNSA statement said.

China is increasingly using its northeastern waters to test missiles. Reports show that China is testing ballistic missiles fired by ships in the Gulf of Bay, not far from North Korea.

Economic tensions with the US have not receded since the Trump administration continued to ban Huawei equipment.

On Wednesday, China appeared to oppose US companies, which according to CNN punished the joint venture of Ford Motors, Changan Ford, with $ 23.6 million.

The fine represents 4% of Chongqing’s revenue in 2018.

According to authorities, Chinese authorities claim that Changan Ford has seized traders along the price level chain, limiting competition and damaging the interests of consumers.

This step came shortly after China investigated FedEx after Huawei made a statement that the company was sending two packages to Chinese offices in the United States.

Ford sales in China fell 40% from 2017 to 2018.

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