China launched its first rocket, bringing 7 satellites into orbit


China launched rockets from the runway to the sea for the first time today (June 5), it was the third country to successfully demonstrate the ability to launch satellites in orbit from floating platforms (after the US and Russia).
The “Long March 11” missile climbed from a floating runway in the Yellow Sea, directly on the shore of Shandong, which was held at 12:06 a.m. Afternoon or 12.06. Morning. Local time (0406 GMT). It was the seventh launch of this type of “Long March” missile, the first to fly in 2015, and that was China’s first attempt to launch offshore in orbit.

According to the Chinese news website, there are two satellite technologies and five smaller commercial satellites. Two larger satellites, Bufeng-1A-1B and Bufeng and built by the Chinese Space Technology Academy in Beijing were called to increase sea breezes to improve weather forecasting.

Other useful weights include images of a cubic camera of Earth, an experimental communication satellite called Tianqi-3, the first two Ka-band satellite communications satellites for the new Chinese Jilin-1 satellite constellation.

The video from the introduction of the China CCTV news agency showed that a 21 meter (11 m) rocket rose in the sky of an anonymous ship, which measures 360 to 260 feet (110 to 80 meters).

Launching rockets at sea offers several advantages over launching missiles on land. For example, rockets can rise closer to the equator where the Earth’s rotation naturally speeds up and reduces the amount of fuel needed to reach orbit.

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