“Chinar Corps Handle” was restored after a break


After the massive outbreak of Twitteratis after the end of the Indian Army administration on Friday, the social media platform restored the account on the same day.

The Indian Army Chain Corps deals with most counter-terrorism operations on the Kashmir Line and in the Kashmir Valley.

While Twitter India did not disclose the reasons for suspending the account, a spokesman said the platform had a policy not to comment on individual accounts.

Meanwhile, users climbed the platform to shout their anger at the problem.

“Have you lost U @ @ Twitter @TwitterIndia?” What is the reason? Which complaints respond to file N? You must immediately cancel it, “wrote King Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

He even asked for a review of Twitter’s “algorithm” and better regulation.

“# It’s time for the government to regulate Twitter … call and investigate why it stopped military bills … You need to find several shopping centers on Twitter India again,” I tweeted other users.

“Twitter has disappeared from @TrueIndologyliv to Chinar Corps … they are trying to suppress Indian voices at any time,” wrote another user.

However, later, the bill recovered.

“#ChinarCorps Twitter Handle is now fully functional and verified, thanks to all for your continued support, encouragement and advice.

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