Content to Annoy Chinese Government Now Censored at TikTok


The Chinese government has begun political censorship on the popular social media application TikTok. TikTok will now review the “content that will annoy Beijing” and apply censorship if necessary.
The Chinese administration, which has recently come up with its oppressive attitude on the internet, adds another one to its pressures. The media that can shoot and share short videos such as TikTok, a social media application that has ravaged the world, will now be taken under the supervision of the Chinese government. According to a document released by The Guardian, TikTok now censors leri content that will annoy Beijing “. The Chinese government has requested that all videos uploaded by users from the platforms be reviewed.

Guard TikTok is censoring videos that will not please Beijing, haber the Guardian told the moderators, ‘Tiananmen Square, Tibet’s independence and the prohibition of censored videos of certain religious groups were instructed.’ The vast majority of the Chinese government’s willingness to censor is “hate speech and religion”.

According to the Guardian document, censored content is evaluated in two categories. If there is a violation, the content is immediately removed from the platform, and even those users who make these shares at extreme ends are discarded from the platform. In the case of milder violations, the content is not publicly shared, but becomes a form that only the sharing user can see.

Another report in the Washington Post this month suggested that protests in Hong Kong were censored at TikTok, a Beijing-based ByteDance company. Even when the application was searched with the Hong Kong tag, it was noteworthy that there was no trace of the action. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok who made a statement on the subject, said the documents leaked to The Guardian are old. However, ByteDance has made no explanation of China’s willingness to retain control over its implementation to maintain its policy objectives.

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