Doomsday Plane can survive a nuclear attack


The US Air Force E-4B, known as “Day of the Day,” can withstand the power of a nuclear explosion.

In particular, this is a Boeing 747 no-window designed during the Cold War and looks like an explosion from the past, according to Amanda Massey of CNBC, who recently glanced at the plane.

This ship is equipped with analogue flights that are longer, not modern digital technology. Analog devices will be less likely to be disturbed by electromagnetic pulses after a nuclear explosion. He also has protection to protect his crew from nuclear and heat during a nuclear war.

With its huge fuel tank and the ability to refill air from other aircraft, the aircraft can survive in the air for several days a day. It contains 67 satellite dishes and satellite antennas, which means DefenseNews allows the crew to communicate with anyone around the world and even send messages to submarines with naval ballistic missiles.

In view of this, most of his expertise is classified according to CNBC. The Air Force has four E-4Bs, each of which is located on almost 6 floors. With 18 beds, 6 bathrooms, a kitchen and a classroom, each crew member can fly.

Currently used by ID. Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan to travel to various parts of the world. On Tuesday morning (May 28), he boarded a ship in Maryland en route to Asia for a week-long trip.

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