Dwayne Johnson has become a legitimate journalist


Dwayne Johnson has had many titles in his career and now he can legally add “journalists” to the mix.

A New York judge said that the HBO Rock for Documentary Designer documentary defines it as a reporter and journalist, according to court records on page 6.
The legal title appears after HBO was summoned by a former law enforcement officer, who appeared in 2017 for a year at The Rock, Rock and a Hard Place.

After the documentary was filmed, police officers were charged with several crimes, and their lawyers had requested the publication of documents from documentaries that would prove they were innocent. The team at the NSC refused to notify employees that they were protected by the state’s journalistic laws according to court records. His team, however, said that because of the participation of rock, it must be included as a “TV celebrity reality show” and not have “documentary claims for protection.”

Judge Carroll Edamead is on the side of HBO.

“Professional journalists” like everyone who collects “” The law broadly defines “messages intended to be shared with the public” in their professional activities, “he wrote in the decision. “Even though the focus of the project is more pleasant … [he] may still be valid until one of the project objectives has been disseminated to the Youth Retention News program to the general public.”

The judge added that everything was similar to a fishing expedition.

“The defendant cannot argue that the information contained in documents issued by the applicant is very important and necessary if the defendant does not know what was actually captured,” he wrote. “Defendants cannot claim that their protection” grows or falls “because cadres don’t even exist.”

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