Eve Williams, one of the founders of Twitter, said Trump was a “master” platform


Just days after US President Donald Trump said he used Twitter as a “typewriter”, one of the founders of the site for micro blogging, Ev Williams called the “master” platform.

In an interview, Williams said, “What Trump has done on Twitter is pretty amazing, honest. He is a master platform rather than a few others,” CNN Business said on Wednesday.

Trump, who is famous, made controversial statements, military threats and misspellings to treat their Twitter, recently announced that the site for micro-blogging about it was to see “typewriters” and “modern ways of communication” outside things normal,

But Williams said that the potential negative effects of tweets against the president on political discourse in the country were “trivial compared to the broader impact of the media,” the report said.

The statement is in line with popularity in Silicon Valley, according to traditional media, which is largely covered by the adverse effects of large-scale technology companies, not to consider their role in polarized society.

Williams said that Twitter did not damage platforms like Fox News.

“The majority of voters on Twitter are not Trump Tweets to read and reassure. What I believe is more of Fox News’s destructive power, which is far more powerful and far more destructive than Twitter, Williams was quoted as saying.

Williams co-founded Twitter and Jack Dorsey in 2007. Then, in 2008, he became CEO of Twitter and replaced Dorsey.

After 12 years working with the company in February 2019, Williams retired from the Twitter board, “to focus his time on other projects.”

Now Williams’ online publishing platform, Medium-Page, which he describes as a network for deeper content, starts deep content, the report notes.

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