Exciting Claim: No Notch on iPhone 12


A remarkable claim about the iPhone 12 series came from Ben Geskin. Geskin, Apple’s iPhone 12 series will eliminate the notch section announced. According to Geskin, Apple, the hardware in the notch, iPhone 12 will compress the frame.
US-based technology giant Apple, the new iPhone series in an event organized last week. Interestingly, however, before the iPhone 11 series became more widespread, technology writers began talking about the iPhone 12. Ben Geskin, who made statements about the iPhone 12, made remarkable claims.

I am Geskin, a name found in the smartphone industry over the years. Interestingly, Geskin shares some leaks before companies launch their products, and these leaks often come true. Therefore, Geskin’s statements have a wide impact in the smartphone industry.

Geskin believes that Apple will compact the hardware in the iPhone 12 series into the frame. Moreover, Geskin explains the hardware in the iPhone 12 concept one by one. Accordingly, Apple will feature 8 hardware at the top of the iPhone 12’s display, from left to right: Infrared camera, infrared light source, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, front camera and identifier spot projector. These enhancements are in the notched section of the iPhone X and later models. However, according to Geskin no longer a notch on the iPhone.

The iPhone 11 is a very new device yet. Therefore, we talk about iPhone 12 too early, but Apple is generally criticized for notching. However, time will show whether Apple is listening to these criticisms.

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