First herder in africa spread pastoralism by mating with foragers


Old sheep, goats, and cows make Africa their home, connected with hunters and local collectors on the continent, according to a study.

DNA analysis showed that African priests and feed joined in two phases, according to a team led by archaeologist Mary Prendergast from St. University. Louis in Madrid. After finishing in northeast Africa from the Middle East for about 8,000 years, pastors have replaced DNA with local feed between around 6,000 and 5,000 years ago. Herder held a dangerous legacy, then walked across half the continent and along with East African food for more than 4000 years, researchers reported online May 30 in Science.

Modern priests like Dinka in South Sudan still live in East Africa. But how the shepherd spread in the region is a mystery. In particular, it is difficult to say whether ancient African hunters and gatherers joined the early pastors or simply adopted their practices for animals. This new study supports the view that emerged from ancient DNA research that the evolution of human culture often included a mixture of groups with different traditions and lifestyles.

Prendergast and his colleagues analyzed DNA from the teeth and bones of 41 people whose bodies had previously sought food and food in Kenya and Tanzania between the ages of 4,000 and 100 years. This genetic data was collected compared to DNA previously extracted by other researchers from current African pastors and DNA from remnants of Middle Eastern farmers from the Middle East – including the next northeastern African population at the time of genetic data and African feed bones of people living in East Africa 4,500 years ago (SN: 14.11.15, p. 12).

Early African priests have inherited around 20 percent of their DNA from food mostly through marriage, which occurred 5,000 years ago, scientists said. Then, the shepherds spread 3,300 years ago in east Africa, paired with food on the road.

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