Geekbench’s Mi 9T Pro is likely to become the Redmi K20 Pro Global Variant


At the height of rumors surrounding the Mi 9T, now it turns out that Xiaomi Mi has 9T Pro. New cellphones are listed in Geekbench with the same specifications as the Redmi K20 Pro. This shows that the Redmi K20 Pro may look global like the Mi 9T Pro – just like the debut of the Redmi K20 that is expected on the world market such as the Mi 9T. The Mi 9T Pro is expected to arrive on June 12 along with the Vanilla Mi 9T.

The Geekbench list published on Friday shows not only its existence, but also the main specifications of the Mi 9T Pro. The list shows that the phone runs Android 9 Pie on shipping and uses Octa Nuclear SoC with 8 GB of RAM. They are similar to the specifications of the Redmi K20 Pro listed in the Geekbench database.

In addition, the Geekbench list shows that the Mi 9T Pro device, which appears to be tested by a benchmark application, receives a single digit result from 3,453 and the results of multi-core 10.363. The results are similar to the results of single-core and multi-core from the Redmi K20 Pro. The Redmi K20 Pro 8 GB RAM option in the Geekbench list shows a single factor value of 2,963 and multi-core estimates of 10,109.

Given the amount of detail we have in the Geekbench list, it is expected that the Mi 9T Pro will be introduced as a global version of the Redmi K20 Pro. This is similar to how the Redmi K20 speculates to arrive globally like the Mi 9T. The list of Mi 9T Pro Geekbench was first discovered by MySmartPrice.

Xiaomi hasn’t commented on Mi 9T Pro. Therefore it is safe to take the latest developments for now with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi 9T was officially launched on June 12. According to rumors, this cellphone is now available in the Philippines with prices starting at 19,000 PHP (around 25,500 rupees).

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