Google Pixel 4’s Camera App Unveils New Modes


New information about Google Pixel 4 is released. This time the information is relevant to the device’s camera application.
Google Pixel 4 is a new flagship that we’ve heard of recently and is expected to be launched in October. Pixel 4, which will bring stones to the new generation flagships with its camera, new details emerged from the camera application.

The new information shared by XDA Developers shows us how Pixel 4’s camera features will be. Night Vision, Motion Pictures and Time Lapse are now easier to find. Now all of these modes can be accessed by sliding down the viewpoint, but this is not the most important innovation.

The Pixel 4’s camera now includes the option of ‘infinite focus unda in‘ Night Vision ’mode. This option is officially a blessing for those who will do sky photography (astrophotography). In addition, the camera now offers the best choice for speed options when taking Time Lapse photos.

The interface of the Pixel 4’s camera will also be slightly improved. If you take a picture on the horizontal screen, the interface will be fully expanded. Although we have already seen this feature on iPhone 11 devices, it is worth mentioning that it will be found in Pixel 4 as well. Google Pixel 4 is expected to be released in October, and after release, the release of Google Camera 7.0 will be available on all Pixel devices.

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