Heirs for the iPhone XR can send new green and lavender colors


Apple launched the 2018 XR iPhone as a cheaper alternative than the leading iPhone XS and iPhone XS phones. This year, Apple is expected to introduce the successor to the iPhone XR model the previous year. Earlier this week there were rumors that the iPhone XR will be released in two new colors this year. Now, fresh leaks seem to bring more light to these new colors.

The iPhone XR (Review) is currently available in black, red, white, yellow, blue and coral. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple can replace the last two color choices 2019 with green and lavender violet.

Last week’s report showed a similar new color option for the iPhone XR. Gurman has posted photos of several pieces of glass that should be the back of the iPhone XR (2019).

Previously, Apple offered the iPhone 5c several color choices that followed the same entry-level model at a low cost like the iPhone XR. Meanwhile, the iPhone premium model is only available in three basic colors.

Apple is expected to release the successor to the iPhone XR with dual camera settings on the back. The current generation of iPhone XR models comes with a main camera on the back. The successor to the iPhone XR can also have the same design as the current generation model.

Gurman has also released an iPhone case for this year, which shows the presence of three cameras behind the iPhone XS and iPhone XS XS heirs.

The iPhone XR has recently received discounted prices in India and is currently only available at retail stores. 60000. The next generation XR iPhone model will have a new chipset, just like the new iPhone 11 model. Apple can continue with new models with the same LCD screen.

Apple hopes to release the next generation XR iPhone models in September this year along with the latest versions of leading handsets.

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