Image of Ezoplanet’s CubeSat Hunt Los Angeles


NASA’s smallest extrasolar planetary satellite, CubeSat ASTERIA, recently took a photo of Los Angeles 400 km above the ground. The Jet Propulsion Space Agency Lab published a photo on its website this week.

ASTERIA, abbreviated as the Arcsecond Space Telescope Enabled Research, Astrophysics, is a mini satellite consisting of six 4.5-inch cubic units. Most of the time, Asteria is looking for a foreign world in the Milky Way that is far from our solar system from Earth. In March, CubeSat trained the camera in the City of Angels.

The latest photos reveal a network of highways and highways in Los Angeles – many and many highways – which are lit at night.

The night when Asteria photographed the photo, the hometown of the Dodgers played in Arizona. In the picture you can see the Dodger Stadium, a bright spot in the middle of the picture.

The reactive movement laboratory where ASTERIA was designed and built in Pasadena, in the upper right quadrant of the photo, directly under the darkness of the San Gabriel Mountains.

ASTERIA passed several tests last year to prove its extraordinary stability. Currently, mini satellites scan the sky to look for exoplanets.

ASTERIA was developed to search for planets according to the same strategy as Kepler and NASA’s newest TESS fighter. CubeSat records images in bright sunlight. These observations were then analyzed for signs of periodic obscurity, the signatures produced by exoplanets in orbit as they moved in front of their stars.

“The additional mission [ASTERIA] also provides long-term validation of hardware and software for future projects,” NASA said.

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