Impressive Concept for Microsoft’s Mysterious Operating System Windows Core


Microsoft will be hosting a mysterious project, Centaurus, on October 2nd. However, the most important point of the event to be held within the scope of this project is said to be used “Windows Core” operating system.
Technology giant Microsoft, will organize an event in the coming days. The main topic of this event, which will be held on October 2, will be Microsoft’s double-screen project “Centaurus”, which remains a mystery to date. The most curious part of the project is the “Windows Core” operating system, which is said to work under the Centaurus project.

Microsoft previously used this operating system in products such as “Surface Hub 2” and “HoloLens 2”. However, the details of this operating system were never disclosed. The only thing known about Windows Core is its modular structure. This reveals that Windows Core is customizable for different products.

Now an independent designer, Niels Laute has shared a concept design for Windows Core with the public. Laute has created this concept design based on customizable shells (also known as Acceptance. The equivalent in the computer industry is the functionality control of users on the computer). In other words, Laute’s concept design has a structure that can be customized for the needs of any business or for any task.

The concept design created by Laute offers users different experiences for different sectors. For example, this concept design can serve for a catering company, an airline company and an office worker.

At first glance, this concept may seem a little pointless. But when you think about it, the things a flight staff and an office worker need are different. Therefore, it is debatable with this concept design how reasonable it is to provide the same service to different sectors. However, it is not yet clear whether Microsoft will allow companies to use their own shells.

There are still many unknowns about Windows Core. However, the event, which will be held on October 2, can reveal the structure of Windows Core.

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