Intel’s New SSD Memory for Everyday Users Announces ‘SSD 665p’


Intel introduced its business-oriented new products as part of an event in South Korea. One of the products Intel introduced was the “SSD 665p” for everyday users.
Intel, the technology giant, held an event in South Korea a few hours ago. As part of Intel’s “Memory and Storage Day” events, new business-oriented technologies were introduced. However, among the products introduced, a product that closely concerns the daily users. The new SSD memory, introduced by Intel as “SSD 665p”, is an updated version of the “SSD 660p” that the company recently released.

In fact, the SSD 665p doesn’t bring much innovation compared to its predecessor. Intel’s new SSD has a “Silicon Motion SM2263” 4-channel controller similar to the previous version, but this time Intel’s second-generation 96-layer 3D QLC NAND is used. This offers a faster SSD in terms of performance, while Intel’s new SSDs may be slightly more affordable.

Intel also performed a small test during the demonstrations to clearly demonstrate the performance difference between the new “SSD 665p” and the old “SSD 660p”. The test was carried out on two Asus laptops and a program called “CrystalDiskMark 7” was used. Now let’s look at the image that shows the difference.

SSD 660p and SSD 665p, both 1 TB in size, were used in live tests. As you can see on the left, the SSD 660p is capable of reading 1,283 MB per second and writing 1,333 MB, while the SSD 665p is capable of reading 1,816 MB per second and 1,887 MB per second. However, it is necessary to know that SSDs are largely free in these measurements. As the system fills, there may be slight drops in these speeds.

Intel has not announced the price and release date for the SSD 665p. However, this product is expected to take its place in the market in a short time.

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