Is white meat healthier than red?


The latest study calls for the widespread belief that white meat like chicken is better for cholesterol than red meat like beef, pork or lamb.
A new study broke bad news for meat eaters, because researchers found that white meat was as bad as cholesterol as red meat.

The document contradicts the widespread belief that white meat is healthier than red meat. This belief is based on several observational studies that found an association between red meat intake and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

The authors of the new study argue, however, that the relationship between white meat and cholesterol has not received sufficient attention in the literature.

Therefore, the research team led by senior author Dr. Ronald Krauss, senior scientist and director of the Atherosclerosis Children’s Hospital at the Oakland Research Institute in California to explore this relationship more closely.

Dr. Kraus and colleagues examined how different meat intake affects lipid and lipoprotein levels, which can cause fat buildup in the arteries. They published their findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Comparison of meat and meat consumption

Researchers separate healthy men and women into two groups depending on whether they regularly consume high amounts of saturated fat or lower saturated fat levels.

In the two study groups, the researchers randomly divided participants into red meat groups, white meat groups, and groups with a meatless diet.
In each group, participants – aged 21-65 years with a body mass index of between 20-35 kg / sq.m – will eat food for up to four weeks.

According to the intervention, the researchers measured low density cholesterol (LDL) (“bad” cholesterol) apolipoprotein B, small and medium LDL particles, and total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol (“good”). Cholesterol).

Red and white meat looks “identical”

The study found that abstaining from meat consumption lowered blood cholesterol far more than previously thought.

Consuming red and white meat increases blood cholesterol more than consuming vegetable protein in equal amounts. “This is mainly due to a large increase in LDL particles,” the authors wrote.

High cholesterol levels do not depend on the diet also have high levels of saturated fat.
The lead author adds that meat-free protein sources, such as vegetables, dairy products and nuts, have the most beneficial effects on cholesterol levels. However, the authors note that this study does not include meat fed beef, fish or processed grass.

“The results are in line with recommendations that promote a high-plant diet, but based on the effects of lipids and lipoproteins, there is no evidence of choosing white in red meat to reduce the risk of [cardiovascular disease]”, write the researchers. .

Dr. Krauss and colleagues concluded that “this study is the first to show that the two categories of meat protein lead to higher LDL levels than those derived from vegetable protein sources in comparable diets.”

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