Jeff Bezos from Amazon said the robot’s hands would be ready for commercial use for the next 10 years


Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, said on Thursday he hoped to have commercial robots for the next 10 years to understand reliable items like humans. This development can lead to job automation in warehouses throughout the world.

Statements made at Amazon re: MARS conference in Las Vegas shows how companies and university researchers are rapidly developing technology to do human tasks, whether for home care or taking and storing goods.

“I think the concept will be solved in the next 10 years,” he said. “It turned out to be a very difficult problem, maybe because we started doing it with machine vision, so machine vision must take precedence.”

Bezos does not discuss the implementation of Amazon technology, which is tested, for example, by Soft Robotics problem solving software starters in Boston.

Companies see automation as a way to help workers.

However, Amazon is known for its efforts to mechanize its business as much as possible, regardless of whether it is the price of goods or the transportation of goods in its warehouses. The company employs hundreds of thousands of employees, many of which are the main tasks of intercepting, scanning, and issuing customer orders.

Other companies besides Amazon have also released robotic hands for pilots with limited supplies.

In an on-site interview, Bezos also discussed the Kuiper project, a recent Amazon bet to free thousands of satellites to expand broadband Internet access, which he believes is “close to basic human needs.”

“This is also a very good deal for Amazon, because this is a very high venture capital investment that covers several billion dollars in capital,” he said. “Amazon is now a large enough company to do things that will enable them to move the needle when they work.”

Asked if there were people who disagreed with Bezos, the richest person in the world and a famous boss who was humble, he joked: “No, of course not twice, no, seriously, all the time when I was told no.”

“People who really listen very much and they also change their minds,” he said earlier in an interview. – You wake up and constantly check something.

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