Microsoft deleted a huge face recognition database


Technology giant Microsoft is downloading a large face recognition database of more than 10 million images of about 100,000 people from the Internet, but according to media reports, data remains online.

Microsoft has released MS-Celeb-1M, a collection of around 10 million photos of 100,000 people who came from the Internet in 2016.

The database is made to load photos of celebrities. However, according to Berlin-based researcher Adam Harvey, with his megapixel project, the definition of “celebrity” was quite extensive, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.

The database contains images of “journalists, artists, musicians, activists, politicians, writers and scientists”.

Microsoft says the database has been downloaded only because the research challenges have been completed. However, it is doubtful that the lifetime of the MS Celeb 1M database has also ended, according to the Financial Times.

Some of the people included in the note were not asked to record, but their photos were deleted from the Internet under a Creative Commons license, the Deputy Report added.

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