Microsoft Edge officially debuted on MacOS, which was initially accessible through the Canary Channel


After a long wait, Microsoft finally brought the MacOS Edge browser to Apple. The new development took place a few weeks after Redmond announced the Chromium-based Edge Browser for Windows 10 computers. Unlike its Windows counterparts, the Microsoft Edge version was specifically enhanced for macOS to provide a user experience that really resembled a Mac. Edge for MacOS was originally available in a special Canarian version for testing purposes. However, it is planned to immediately turn the browser into a developer and beta version. In particular, the developers of Canary and Edge for MacOS were stopped earlier this month.

Microsoft not only made a number of changes at the user interface level, but also various internal settings, including keyboard Edge shortcuts and artwork titles handled, making MacOS feel natural. The company also develops user experience that is only available for macOS. In this way, the browser can use hardware features such as the MacBook Pro touch bar to provide website links and video controls. It also supports trackpad movements to help you feel comfortable on a Mac with Google Chrome or Safari.

“We will continue to see the look and feel of the browser in future releases, we will see the look and feel of the browser looking into future problems as we continue to experiment, review and hear customer feedback,” Tim wrote. in a blog post.

Microsoft Edge for MacOS has the same Chromium base that was introduced in Windows 10 in March. This means that consistent preview is possible in Windows and MacOS editions on Edge browser. Microsoft also provides support for standards that can be installed based on Progressive Web Apps (PWA). It also sets PWA to expand when pointing to your dock, switching between applications and Spotlight as the original application installed on your Mac OS device.

Microsoft Edge for MacOS leaked online earlier this month. The creation of Canaries and Developers in the Edge Browser is also done through informal channels.

Because of this, fans can now officially download Microsoft Edge Canary first from their Mac system directly from the Microsoft Edge Insider website. The latest version is updated regularly – usually every day. However, developers are expected to be released in the coming weeks, which will be updated every week – followed by the beta.

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