Microsoft Released Preview of Windows 10 Full of Interesting Features


Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10 preview, especially the two-in-one tablet users come with features that will make it much easier. You can continue reading our content for details about the release.
Technology giant Microsoft, the latest operating system Windows 10 continues to work on the update. The company has released preview versions to test the innovations it brings to the operating system, and now offers version 18970 to testers. This release will be available to users after Windows 10 18965. Normal users will only be able to see these versions in the first half of 2020.

This preview release from Microsoft offers users some improvements and general fixes. If you wish, without further ado, let’s look at the innovations Microsoft has introduced with Windows 10 18970.

This release, which Microsoft offers to test users, is of particular interest to users who have a two-in-one tablet. This is because Microsoft is offering a new tablet experience with this release. With this preview version, users can seamlessly switch to tablet mode.

Microsoft has slightly changed the overall appearance for users in the latest preview version of Windows 10. For example, with the release of this version, users will notice that the space between the application icons in the taskbar increases slightly. Microsoft also adds a new search icon to Windows 10. In addition, the two-in-one tablet users will automatically activate the keyboard when they touch text zones.

What’s new with Microsoft’s new update is not just limited to visuals. Microsoft, “Settings” menu with a section now added, users’ computers to download the version of Windows 10, you can install from scratch. To date, this service could only be done with local files. However, with the release of this version, the operating system can be downloaded from scratch.

In addition, some bugs have been fixed in this release. Within the scope of these bug fixes; Examples include eliminating the issue that caused the Settings menu to crash, improving the performance of the Settings menu, fixing and improving some Narrator issues, and improving the stability and performance of Outlook.

However, as in every version, this version has come with some problems. Some of these problems are that the “Devices” option in the Settings menu cannot be displayed properly, some Realtek generation SD card entries do not work, and the title bar buttons (Close, full screen, minimize) do not work. However, these issues will be corrected until this version of Windows 10 is available to all users.

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