Nike Announces New Sneaker Supported by Siri and Apple Watch


“Adapt”, Nike’s own shoelace technology, comes with a new Nike shoe. The company brought Adapt this time to a model that Nike fans love.
The 1980s and 1990s are the years that have been mentioned by Nike fans. Nike’s Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 shoes launched a new age of sneakers with a visible air gap in the heels. The Air Huarache shoe, with its unusual appearance, was used not only by runners but also by those who wanted to start new fashion.

The popularity of Air Huarache has been steadily increasing since its release in 1991. For this reason, the new shoe in the Back to the Future series, which we see on the feet of Marty McFly’s Nike shoes, is now called Huarache.

The new Nike Adapt Huarache features FitAdapt technology, which Nike claims to be updated and improved with the user. Although the motorized lacing unit will not analyze and adjust its habits, it will provide users with more convenient control than previous versions of Adapt technology.

The new shoe is not only equipped with Adapt technology. Adap Huarache will be equipped with the smartphone control feature previously used in Nike Adapt BB and will be more advanced. Adapt Huarache, Siri and Apple Watch can be controlled more quickly. The preset settings will make it easier for your shoes to go into tight mode when you are seated.

Nike had Adapt BB smartphone control, but Adapt Huarache will also connect to Apple Watch and Siri for faster changes. Presets will make it even easier to switch from a comfortable seat to running sessions while sitting at your desk.

The design of Adap Huarache may upset its followers who love other Huarache designs. Although the outline of the shoe is still the same, the monstrous appearance of the shoe seems to have been somewhat lost.

We can say that Nike is getting better at putting Adapt technology into your shoes. The Adapt Huarache laces do not stand out like the laces on the Nike Hyper Adapt, and the shoe looks much better than Adapt BB.

Nike Adapt Huarache, Nike application will take place from September 13. Although the selling price of the shoe is not known, we can say that it will have a slightly higher price tag than Nike Adapt BB.

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