OnePlus to Launch OnePlus Pay Mobile Payment System in 2020


Another new brand is coming to mobile payment systems. Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus has announced a mobile payment system called OnePlus Pay, which will begin next year at the launch of the new phone OnePlus 7T in India.
OnePlus officially announced that the OnePlus 7T will launch a mobile payment system called OnePlus Pay in 2020 during the launch event in India. The company gave almost no information about the details of its new service. As part of the event, OnePlus announced the name of this new mobile payment system and that it will arrive next year.

Szymon Kopec, Head of Software and Product Development at OnePlus, took the floor during the event and said, “Finally, we will make a special announcement. We have a great product that we have been working on for more than a year. I am pleased to announce OnePlus Pay, which will be available from next year and will eliminate your need for a physical wallet. ”

Since this announcement was announced at an event for OnePlus 7T in India, it is quite possible that OnePlus Pay is currently only available in the Indian market. Currently, mobile payment systems are very popular in India, and even more in India than in the United States. Therefore, the mobile payment system is very important for the company focused on India.

OnePlus Pay will of course not only be limited to India, but the company is up the road at the moment to explain nothing to us in the mobile payment system. According to the allegations, OnePlus Pay will be a normal digital wallet application that will allow you to synchronize your bank accounts and pay via NFC terminals where supported. We will wait and see what OnePlus Pay will have from the mobile and payment systems of Google and Samsung.

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