Samsung shares excessive noise like the Struggle of Huawei


Samsung Electronics was presented on Tuesday against the background of its main competitor Huawei by more than four percent, including Google’s decision to separate from Chinese cellphone manufacturers.

US Internet giant Google, whose Android mobile operating system leads most smartphones in the world, announced this week that it had ended relations with Huawei to execute an executive order by President Donald Trump.

This step could have dramatic consequences for Huawei smartphone users, as the company no longer has access to patented Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps.

Investor participation Huawei’s loss could be for Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, profits that face increasing competition from Chinese competitors and increase its share price in Seoul’s afternoon trade by 4.3%.

According to analysts, the US ban will affect the ability of Huawei phones outside of China to sell by Samsung offering the opportunity to consolidate its position at the forefront of the global market.

“If you are in Europe or China and cannot use a Huawei Google Maps smartphone or Android service, will you buy one?” MS Hwang, an analyst at Samsung Securities, told Bloomberg News: “Wouldn’t you prefer to buy a Samsung smartphone?”

According to the Samsung International Tracker achieved in the first quarter of this year 23.1 percent of global smartphone sales, Huawei 19.0 percent.

Last week, Trump announced “a national emergency”, which allowed him to include companies that were considered “unacceptable risks for US national security.”

The US Department of Commerce has announced a ban on US companies, US technology from Huawei to sell with a delay of 90 days or sending by temporary permission granted.

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