Scientists claim that ancient supernovas have made people walk upright


The authors of the new study claim that ancient supernovae triggered a series of events that ended in honest parents.

According to a recent study published this week in the Journal of Geology, so that a number of supernovas bombard cosmic radiation, the Earth began about eight million years ago. Radiation reached 2.6 million years ago, say scientists.

The constant supply of space particles ionizes the atmosphere, say scientists. New book authors suggest that ionization increases the speed of thunderstorms and causes forest fires throughout the world.

“It is believed that homininite has a tendency for two-legged, even before that event,” said Adrian Mello, emeritus professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas. “But they had to climb trees in the first place. After this transformation in Savannah, it moved more often from one tree to another in the grasslands, and thus they walked better. You can see above the treetops. Believe that this transformation contributed to the dvunogieto savanna, because it became increasingly dominant in human ancestors.

Scientists have found evidence of a large explosion of supernovae that formed in 160 light years at the bottom of the ocean. Iron-60 results on the seafloor throughout the world showed that supernovae exploded during the transition from the Pliocene to the Ice Age.

“We calculated the ionization of the atmosphere from cosmic rays that would come from supernovae, as far as iron deposition 60 is shown,” Melot said. “It seems that this is the last in a much longer series. We think that it will increase the atmosphere ionization as low as 50 times. In general, you will not get ionization under the atmosphere because cosmic rays do not penetrate far, but – Supernova energy rises to surface – so that it will emit many electrons from the atmosphere. “

Lower ionization of the atmosphere causes electron saturation, according to scientists. Additional electrons form electrical lines that can be accessed from clouds to earth and increase the absorption of thunderstorms.

“Usually in the process of lightning accumulation the tension between clouds or clouds and earth – but the current cannot flow, because there are not enough electrons to carry it. So you have to build a high voltage before the electrons move. Said Melot.

Supernova ionization and electron flooding further decreases the voltage threshold. The researchers say more thunderstorms have triggered an increase in fires. Global carbon deposits confirm the connection between the abundance of ancient fire and the bombing of cosmic rays.

“The observation is that there are more coal and soot in the world for several million years,” Melotte said. “It’s everywhere and nobody has an explanation for why it occurs in various climates around the world.”

The growth of forest forests together with global climate change has led to the creation of grasslands. Open landscapes require a two-foot trip. Although researchers have never before connected cosmic rays with their feet, previous research has shown that the transition from forest to savanna encourages the development of upright gait.

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