Some Features of Google Chrome Will Work Separately on Android 10


Since the Android 5 Lollipop, the Android operating system has been using WebView, which is supported by Google, which allows the website to be displayed within the applications. Android 7 Nougat’ta Chrome took over this task and now the system is changing again.
WebView on Android OS; applications, create web pages within themselves. For example, if you can access a link that you clicked in an application without having to exit it, you do so through WebView.

Android 5 Lollipop’dan existing since this system, Android 7 Nougat’ta Chrome had passed into the hands. In other words, the Chrome application was performing WebView operations on the system. This will change in Android 10 and Chrome app will no longer be used as WebView.

A Google engineer, “Chrome, Q + uygulam will no longer work as a WebView application. We’ve switched to a new model for code sharing between Chrome and WebView, which we call Trichrome. This system has fewer errors and can provide the same benefits. Tı

Although the WebView system is part of the Chromium project, it will no longer work with the Chrome browser application. In Android Q +, Webview and Chrome apps were installed as separate APKs, but Google created the same WebView packages for all four Chrome channels. It’s also said that the Chromium project’s page will have multiple ways out for WebView, just like Chrome does.

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