Steam Chat Gets its Own iOS, Android App; Steam Guard to Get QR Code Feature


Valve Company, which is behind Steam Games Store, has released the Steam Chat application for iOS and Android to eliminate a very popular imbalance. Steam redesigned the chat feature integrated on the desktop client last July, adding features such as voice and group calls, GIF support, friend sorting, and a completely redesigned UI. Steam Chat is available for mobile users in the Steam Mobile app, but the Steam Chat standalone application offers the latest features and desktop client features for iOS and Android devices. The application is completely free and is now available on the app store on the cellular platform.

Users can see their friends list and see who plays which game. Extensive conversations, including links, GIFs, videos, embedded tweets, and emoticons are supported. Group discussions are also included in the mobile application. Steam users can generate invitations that can be sent to others or sent via email to be added as friends. Cellular notification with customization options for each friend and group has also been improved.

One of the main features missing is voice chat, although Valve said it would be added in the future. The company also wants users to send feedback and feedback on the official Steam forum topic. Consumers are starting to look for improvements such as time zone support, the ability to hide from friends, synchronize messages on multiple devices, and silent notifications.

With the means of communication that comes with their own special application, Steam Mobile will be updated soon to focus more on account security. Steam Guard, the application’s main feature, allows users to create two-factor authentication for their steam accounts and check sales positions to get new user-friendly features, such as QR codes, which eliminates the need to introduce alphanumeric codes every time they are used. This application may also have a fully updated user interface that promises to improve application navigation.

The launch will take place as soon as Valve releases the Steam Link application for iOS. It was delayed by more than a year because the company closed the dispute with Apple because of the ability to buy games in the application. Ventil claims this is a simple remote access application that allows purchases through Steam desktop clients, while Apple does not want to allow in-app purchases that do not pass through the App Store itself and provide a decrease in sales. Finally, applications released without games can be purchased.

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