Stratolaunch, the world’s largest aircraft maker, can close


The largest aircraft in the world can land after only one flight.

Corp. Stratolaunch Systems, a giant launcher named Rock Launched to launch satellites into space (and finally humans), will soon be shut down, Reuters reported Friday (May 31), citing four anonymous sources. However, a representative from Stratolaunch,, said the company was “still operating” now.

Co-founder and lover of space Microsoft has created Stratolaunch Paul Allen in 2011. But the billionaire died last October at the age of 65, and his sister Jodi – chairman of Vulcan Inc. “Enter the exit strategy” at the end of last year, according to Reuter.

“Jody Allen has decided to leave the airline plane to fulfill his brother’s wishes and to prove that the car and the concept are successful,” Reuters wrote.

This flight took place on April 13 from California Mohave airport and space. During the 2.5-hour test, Roc peaked at 5,180 meters and reached a top speed of 304 km / h, reports Stratolaunch Systems.

The Roc record wing range is 117 m, which is longer than the soccer field, including two end zones. This aircraft is designed so that the rocket carrier can be towed to a height of 10,000 m. Then the booster splits and enters space.

Richard Branson, another company from Virgin Orbit, plans to send satellites in the same way, even with a much smaller plane. A sister of Virgin Orbit, Virgin Galactic, this aircraft is being used on an aircraft carrier to receive SpaceShipTwo which is suborbil Two six passengers.

However, the imminent death of Stratolaunch Systems; a spokesman told Reuters that the Seattle company was still kicking. received the same message when we arrived at the company

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