Telegram v5.6 transfers to archives, new designs, chat options and more


With a focus on speed and security, Telegram has received a new update that updates the application version to 5.6. And this is not another update, but this is big. One new key feature of the new version is the ability to archive conversations with just one drag and drop. In addition, there are many new features such as attaching unlimited number of conversations to the archive, group chat actions, more information at a glance, etc. Telegram also has a new application design. There is a new icon for the Android application and users will see many design changes in the menu and application interface.

In this new Telegram release, the company is introducing archived chats that allow you to sort active or inactive calls with one touch. As mentioned earlier, go left to archive chats and drag archived chats to hide them. In addition, chats that are deactivated and archived will remain closed forever, unless you change settings. You can archive as many conversations as possible, but you can also attach them randomly. Every time an archived chat receives a notification, the chat returns to your chat list. However, if you save it again, it will return to the original location that you specified for it.

With this update, the company wants to give users faster and more intuitive operation of Messenger applications. According to the company blog, there is an increase everywhere in the application. Everything works faster: You can choose, fix, mute, archive, or delete several conversations. There is also a new release menu. The comment box is now available with emoticons, online badges, easier text switching, and more. Other new features include a fast forward button, up to three lines of text in the call log, support for iOS 6 digit passwords, the ability to quickly clean the stickers you just used, and copy links to messages in groups and private channels. and finally online ads in the chat list and in the sharing menu.

Telegram v5.6 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and iOS App Store.

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