The former head of the Pentagon UFO’s secret program has several (strange) stories to tell


The UFO secret program from the former US Secretary of State told stories, some of which he presented for the first time in a new documentary.
Intelligence staff Luis Elizondo is the former director of the Pentagon Aerospace Identification Program (AATIP), an initiative launched in 2007 to investigate UFO meeting reports. Elizondo left the Pentagon in 2017; That same year, he spoke with reporters in the New York Times to confirm the existence of a shadow agency and to describe his mission.

Now, Elizondo is pulling the curtain on his mandate with AATIP, which he left behind due to a lack of official response to the Agency’s findings and his reluctance to deal with potential UFO risks, according to a new Unidentified event: Inside the American UFO The initial screening of “Investigation” is May 31 at 22:00 CET / 9:00 CET on the History Channel.

No, there is no big revelation that UFOs are always alien spacecraft. But we hope that the very hidden insights from UFO investigations will encourage people and authorities to tackle the long, tight and open talk about this mysterious plane, some of which pose a greater threat than we realize.

UFOs have been confusing and fascinated people for decades. They also present a unique challenge for federal agents to determine whether they threaten national security. Before AATIP, the US Air Force Project launched the Blue Book, which examined more than 12,000 suspected UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969.

During the mandate Elizondo in AATIP observers reported that UFOs were flying at hypersonic speeds – more than five times the speed of sound. Even so, there are no signatures that usually accompany airplanes at fantastic speeds, like the soundtrack, he said.

UFOs are also unexpectedly fast moving travels so that they experience gravitational forces, or G forces that exceed the limits of endurance both for humans and for airplanes. The F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, one of the maneuvers in the US armory pushed up to a limit of 16 to 18 G, while the human body can survive around 9 G “a very short time” before humans – said Elizondo.

“The things we observe are from 400 to 500 G,” he said. “They don’t have a machine or wings and are able to withstand the natural effects of Earth’s gravitational pull.”

Some UFO observations reported AATIP, which was finally solved as a drone in the air or a test shot of a new type of missile was detected from an unusual angle. However, while many amazing UFOs still do not oppose sufficient evidence to show that they belong to aliens, Elizondo said.

But other possibilities are even more disturbing than the prospect of an alien invasion: that foreign enemies have developed covert technology, “changing strategic games” unlike others, have never been seen before, he said. Overcoming this potential threat is an important step for government officials – even those supported by AATIP – not serious enough, according to Elizondo.

In addition, the secrecy enriched around official UFO investigations only strengthens relations with UFOs “thwarting hats and funny stories.”

  • We believe that Americans know that North Korea has a nuclear warhead in Los Angeles, but we don’t trust them with the knowledge that it is something in the sky and don’t know what it is? Ellison said.

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