The HTC Vive Pro Eye headset with original eye tracking costs $ 1,599


HTC Vive Pro Eye will be launched at CES this year. This headset is expected to enter the market in the second quarter. Now the company has announced that HTC Vive Pro Eye is available in North America and sold to and several retailers for $ 1,599 (around Rs 1.10,800). The focus of the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset is the fact that it is equipped with precision eye control technology, in-depth data analysis, a dynamic learning environment, and many others.

As mentioned, HTC Vive Pro Eye has original eye tracking technology for eye movement monitoring for a more intense VR experience. It offers navigation in a display-oriented menu to eliminate the need for controllers and increase usability in environments such as arcade video games or location-based entertainment.

Vive Pro Eye uses a technology called “foveated rendering” by HTC, which efficiently distributes the performance of graphics processors for better image visualization and sharper visual output. HTC claims the new Vive VR professional VR headset will greatly enhance the user experience by eliminating the need for eye controls and movements to execute commands, which can be very useful in VR games,

According to HTC, Vive Pro Eye headphones have proven useful in various training and simulation industries, in user feedback and industry analysis, and in eye navigation, among others.

HTC recently sent a Vive Focus Plus standalone VR headset for $ 799 (IDR 50,000). This headset has a number of company features, including kiosk mode, screen support, remote control management tools, and simultaneous monitoring and recording of several devices. It is available in 25 countries, and in some markets, stand-alone VR headsets are equipped with company licenses at no additional cost.

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