The last Sumatra Rhino died in Malaysia


The last male of the Malaysian Sumatran rhinoceros has died, leaving only one rhinoceros trapped in a woman across the country, a region once filled with bicorn animals reporting news sources.

Experts from the wild in the country have men – nicknamed Kretam or Tam shortly – in 2008 for oil palm plantations, when he was around 20 years old, after Mongabay.

Live more than 10 years in the Malaysian nature reserve on Borneo Tabin and several times failed to breed with two female rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis). But Tams’ health has deteriorated in April, said the Wildlife Department in the Malaysian state of Borneo, Sabah.

The Borneo Rino Alliance (BORA) confirmed Tam’s death on Facebook on Monday (May 27).

It is not clear why health has deteriorated so quickly, but officials pay attention when the appetite and vigilance of rhinos become cloudy, said Augustine Tuuga, director of Sabah Wildlife. A urine test shows that there is an organ failure, maybe because of age, said Tuga.

The loss of rhinos is a big blow to the survival of endangered species. More than 800 Sumatran rhinos lived in the wild recently in 1986, but now there are less than 100, some estimates are only 30, according to the London-based charity Rhino Memory, which operates to protect rhinos.

The Sumatran rhino is the smallest of the rhinoceros species and weighs more than 2,100 kg. (960 kg). In comparison, the white rhinoceros, the largest rhino species, weighs around 2,300 kg.

The Sumatran rhino has red-brown skin, two dark gray and black horns and is the best species of rhinoceros. They are also fast and agile, they can easily climb mountains and move on steep slopes, reports Save the Rhinoceros. But hunting and deforestation have drastically reduced the number of rhinos, CNN reported. Most of the other rhinos in the world live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Now, after death, the Malaysian Sumatran rhinoceros last survived the Faith, a breeding program for female captivity in 2014, Mongabay reported. But Imman never gave birth and in December 2017, he was found to have a ruptured tumor in the uterus.

Another woman named Puntung was arrested in 2011. Puntung also has health problems, including many cysts in the womb. Wildlife officials were killed in June 2017 after suffering from skin cancer.

Sumatran rhinos have a relatively long pregnancy period of around 16 months. Older women usually have children every four to five years.

Despite the latest efforts to breed captives of these rhinos have failed, there is some kind of hope for this species. .

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