The National Academy of Sciences will now issue members for sexual harassment


Leading members of the National Science Academy (NAS) can now be released from groups of proven violations, including sexual harassment or “gross violations of the new code of ethics,” he said in a statement by NAN. .

This is the first time in the history of the Academy 156 years that each member of the group amendment ruled out that the “New York Times” was an “important change in politics.”

With new changes in the rules of NAS – which ended with 84% of the ballots and 16% opposed – each member could provide a reference for violations of the Code of Ethics. The NAS Code prohibits any member from “discrimination, harassment and harassment”. Sexual harassment in the regulation is defined as “unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual acts and other verbal or physical behaviors of a sexual nature that create an environment characterized by intimidation, hostility or humiliation,” according to the Code. [Woman: 7 Women Overcome Obstacles to Science and Technology]

Offenders to amendments cannot be excluded by a majority of two-thirds of the 17 Academic Council members, according to the journal Science.

“All women who have difficulty – even those who have done it – I believe as I am happy to see that day, when finally able to say,” Climate will change “, NAS president Marcia McNally said, as reported by Science.” Will no longer tolerate that climate women have the same opportunities as their male colleagues, it is impossible to develop. “

For example, Pioneer astronomer and current NAS member Geoffrey Mars resigned from his post at the University of California at Berkeley in October 2015 after the university found him guilty of sexual abuse of students, as reported by The Times.

In 2018, Columbia University left top neurologist Thomas Jessel for violating school policies and values. According to the school newspaper, Jesse “has for years been involved in a relationship with a lab member under his supervision to violate university policies about romantic and sexual relations through mutual agreement.” (Jessell is no longer a member of the NAS, she died at the age of 28). April).

The NAS has 2,350 members and 485 foreign employees – about 190 of whom are Nobel Prize winners. Only NAS members can appoint future members. then the candidate will be reviewed and approved by vote at the US Annual Meeting in April.

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