The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was launched with a date, the launch of Galaxy Fold is scheduled for July


It is now reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launched on August 10. South Korean media have announced the launch date, indicating that the launch of the telephone will take more than two months. Rumors about the Galaxy Note 10 are gaining momentum and cellphones have recently been missed by 360 degrees. Regardless, restart the Samsung Galaxy Fold in July. The company will hold the event later this month and will be available next month.

ETNews has announced that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be held on August 10. Remember that the Galaxy Note 9 was launched on August 9 and was released on August 24. I have to follow this predictable trend, the Galaxy Note 10 must be available on the market on August 25. Of course, that’s what you have to guess, just relax.

The Galaxy Note 10 will appear this time in two versions. The Pro version offers pressure sensitive edges and missing physical buttons. The Galaxy Note 10 may not be equipped with a special Bixby button, which is also recognized by the latest flag. Future cellphones are estimated to cost between $ 1,100 and $ 1,200 (around $ 76,000 to $ 83,000).

A separate report from South Korea shows that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released again next month. The report said that Samsung will hold a press conference later this month and make cellphones available in July. The Galaxy Lipat launch date is set to April 26, but was canceled after several blocks of reviews were broken after the movie was deleted. The company has also restored all pre-orders.

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