This dark medieval chess section has been lost for almost 200 years. Now it can worth more than 1 million dollars.


A medieval chess piece, one in five, lost for almost two centuries, frozen in a drawer in Edinburgh.

Now the Chess Chess, known as “Lewis Uordar” will be auctioned for 1 million pounds ($ 1.3 million) at Sotheby’s auction house in London on July 2. Old games and dice games

The guardians translated into modern chess are part of a special group of four medieval chess pieces, discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides (an archipelago in Scotland), according to a statement by Sotheby. .

Maybe the pieces – mostly made of birch ivory – were made between the 12th and 13th centuries in Trondheim, Norway. The main theory of origin is that at that time they belonged to a dealer in a chess piece, before being lost on a shipwreck, according to the statement.

It is unclear how this chess game was discovered in the 19th century, although some stories refer to the nomadic cow that befell them. others indicated that a sailor arrived at the beach and gripped the bag with artifacts. Those who found the pieces also found a round cut and belt – all known as “Luis’ Treasure.”

However, while the British Museum has displayed 82 pieces of Harta Karun, and 11 pieces at the National Museum of Scotland, a knight and four guards – who are responsible for fulfilling this chess set – they disappeared from the 19th century. The newly discovered Guardian was one of the missing parts and the first was found from a kit after its first discovery.

In 1964, an antique dealer in Edinburgh bought lost items for five kilograms, in a purchase book as a note “antique warrior chess chess chess.” The object was later transferred by his family and sat in a drawer for 55 years where the daughter of Antiquar sometimes found it to admire his uniqueness, according to the statement. The family recently brought Sotheby’s song with them.

This chess piece has inspired many stories and folklore, like the magical chess piece on JK. According to Rowling, “Harry Potter and the Mage’s Stone.” But with their various clothing and gestures, the works offer researchers insight into medieval civilization.

“Today, all chess pieces are pale ivory, but the new Louis Uordar dark tone clearly has the potential to provide fresh and valuable ideas like other chess pieces that might seem like in the past,” statues and artwork at Sotheby’s said. “Of course this guardian’s story has something to offer about his life for the last 188 years since he was separated from his friends.”

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