This desktop device changes the quantum definition to real mass per kilogram


This is a table for the masses. Desktop devices make this new definition more affordable. The kilogram used corresponds to the mass of a special metal cylinder stored in a vault near Paris. However, the researchers abolished this standard on May 20 and tied the kilogram instead of quantum mechanics, called Planck’s constant (SN Online: May 20, 1919).

With this new definition, scientists at the National Institute for Standardization and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD, have created a reduced version of a device called Kibble Libra, which measures the mass of several grams directly using Planck’s constant. If the prototype is reworked, the device must be accurate tens of thousands of percent, said the researchers in the IEEE Transaction and Transaction Measurement.

Kibble’s overall balance requires private laboratory space that costs millions of dollars to build. The new Kibble scales are a little more than half a meter and cost around $ 50,000. For example, this is in the hands of a pharmaceutical company that needs to give a small dose of medicine.

Conventional scales compare the weight of masses in two different pans. But Cybal’s balance compares the mass with the electromagnetic force needed to hold the mass. Some electromagnetic values ​​such as voltage and resistance can be combined with quantum measurements, including the Planck constant, which connects this quantity to the mass of the object.

Because the Planck constant has the same value everywhere, researchers can directly measure the mass anytime, anywhere, without reference to Parisian artifacts.

The Fun Times with Lego has inspired new instruments. Researchers had previously run the Lego Kibble scale to teach the public how the tools worked, said NIST mechanic Leon Chao. This experience of “planting seeds unconsciously”.

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