Tor Browser Arrives as Stable Release for Android via Google Play Store, No Hopes for iOS Version


From greedy advertisers to curious governments, everyone wants to track their online activities. Your surfing habits on the internet may be at the top of the charts. This forces users to use the browser Incognito (VPN) mode and other tools and services. For Android users, there are other ways to stay private today. The popular Tor browser is now available for Android phones as a stable version after months of testing.

The Tor Browser can be useful if you try to prevent someone from following your web browser activity. The browser uses a network of servers to send requests on many links and to hide your online identity when visiting websites. Literally it doesn’t leave a trace of your browsing habits.

This browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, which means it has features similar to browsing with tabs. Previously, users could use the Tor network to hide their IP addresses on smartphones, now it’s easier to use the browser itself.

If you use incognito mode in another browser, your website entries will usually be deleted from your cellphone and desktop. The Tor Browser prevents websites from accessing your actual online identity by completely hiding it.

Project Tor developers began working on their Android browser version last September. After months of personal and public testing, the Tor Browser is now ready for prime time. The first version is numbered 8.5, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you use iOS, you are out of luck if you wait for the Tor Browser on your device. Tor argues that this is due to Apple’s “restrictions”. According to Tor, Apple forbids developers to generate new computing processes and can only use Apple’s iOS browser.

However, Tor recommends another application called the Onion Browser, which is already available on the Apple App Store. For Android users, the Tor Browser is now available for free download from the Google Play Store.

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