Trump gets trolling after believing that the moon is part of Mars


US President Donald Trump impressed people with his knowledge of the cosmos and the universe and once again turned into laughter after saying that the Moon was part of Mars. In a tweet on Friday, he said. “For all the money we spend, NASA should not talk about going to the moon – 50 years ago we had to focus on far greater things we did, including the Martian defense (which was partly the Moon) and science.”

Trump’s statement came a day after NASA administrator Jim Bridanstiyn USA Today said that American astronauts in 2024 would not be able to land on the moon, if Trump’s request to increase the administrative budget would be approved by the US Congress was not approved.

As soon as Trump wrote, people from all over the world began tricking him with one funny line, a joke, and a meme.

His father must have been paid for by an astronomy class! wrote Ryan Hill, an American long-distance runner.

“Knowing Trump about this problem is a small step for humans, but a big step backwards for humanity,” said Emmy nomination director Jeremy Newburger.

“Based on the president’s good reputation on this earth, I don’t think that NASA needs to do input on how to handle space,” wrote Sam Vinograd, a national security analyst at CNN.

Formerly May Trump, who was notorious for being cruel, made him a controversial statement, the threat of war, and a misspelled treat on Twitter, acknowledging that Twitter was a “typewriter”.

Then, one of the founders of Twitter, Ev Williams called Trump’s “master” platform, arguing that the possible negative effects of tweets against the president on the country’s political discourse were “trivial compared to the impact of wider media”.

Mars has two months – phobo and deimos – but the moon orbiting the earth is not part of the red planet.

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