UFOs are real, but don’t assume that they are alien spacecraft


As we have seen recently, UFOs are very real, but that does not mean ET. disturbing our airspace.

“UFO” refers to flying objects that are not easily identified by observers. A US Navy pilot who saw UFOs moving quickly on the East Coast in 2014 and 2015 appeared to collide with one of the mysterious objects that almost collided in one case, the New York Times reported earlier this week.

This incident was reported to the Threat of the Pentagon Aerospace Identification Program (AATIP), which was revealed in December 2017 (Interestingly, these 2017 stories, citing Pentagon officials, said AATIP closed in 2012)

Former AATIP head Luis Elizondo, among others, participated in a new series of six songs titled “Unknown: UFO investigations in America”, which took place tonight (May 31) on the “History” channel.

The pilot fleet showed that some UFOs had reached supersonic speeds without a clear exhaust jet, indicating the possibility of combining advanced drive technology. However, Defense Ministry officials do not rely on an explanation of intelligent aliens, according to the story this week – and they have the right to be taken in this matter, say the scientists.

There are many plausible explanations for observing Navy pilots, said Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Institute for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence station SETI station in Mountain View, California.

He pointed out, for example, that coastal observations and similar observations in 2004 were made in the context of the December 2017 report (this previous observation occurred near San Diego).

The coastal region is where you expect to find a country that has contemporary scouting competencies, Shostak said because the continental United States attacks are clearer and more easily detected.

He also noted that, according to Times history, fleet pilots had begun detecting UFOs after radar systems increased their aircraft. This detail shows that observation is caused by problems with the software or tool.

“As anyone who uses Microsoft products knows, there are always problems when updating technical products,” Shostak said.

This consideration is exacerbated by the current trend of UFOs to appear as points or points on the display of sophisticated devices rather than clear objects in cellphone images.

“Observation is always on the edge of technology that allows you,” Shostak said. “Aliens are the most sophisticated.

Common sense also opposes passing ET. Conclusion. If these UFOs are truly aliens, what exactly are they doing? Why were they sent here through a vast bay of space and time?

“If aliens are here, you have to say that they are the best visitors because they have never done anything,” Shostak said. “They only attack, they don’t care about climate change, they don’t steal our molybdenum.”

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However, such skepticism does not have to be understood as an ET release. Shostak.

“It’s not trivial to say what it is,” he said. And Shostak praised Republican politics classified as “The Times” reported by pilots, as reported, instructing a UFO (which the military and many others now call “unexplained air phenomena”), perhaps in an attempt to escape yourself from the film. the stigma associated with the term “UFO.”)

“That’s a good policy,” he said. – Let him do that.

After all, about the past decade, we have learned that our Milky Way has many potentially inhabited worlds. For example, observations from the Kepler NAPA Space Telescope show that at least 20% of the 200 billion stars in the galaxy can have rocky planets in “habitable zones” that can only be under the right range of distances, where they can produce liquid water. .

So, even though the possibility of a UFO witnessing a foreign ship had previously changed from crazy to being suspicious that intelligent aliens were somewhere (or at least somewhere, sometimes for 13 floors billions of years). That’s why people like Shostak kept hearing signals from the sky.

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