Xiaomi Users Playing Pokemon GO are Banned for No Reason


Pokemon GO craze, which once stormed the world, continues even if it doesn’t have its old fire. However, the game’s anti-cheating software accuses and bans some Xiaomi users of cheating.
Many game developers are looking for the most effective way to protect their games from tricks. This has led to the emergence of more sophisticated anti-fraud systems, especially in recent years. But it seems that the anti-cheat software used by Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, can also see innocent people who are not cheating as tricks.

According to a shared post on Reddit, many Xiaomi phone users are seen as tricks on Pokemon Go and are barred from accessing their accounts. Users who wish to enter the game will face a warning text claiming that they have violated the Terms of Use for using third party software or modified software.

Using modified software or third party software is one of the forbidden things most anti-cheating systems can detect and punish. However, Xiaomi users who have been denied access to their accounts say they are innocent and do not use any kind of cheating. Here is a description of a user with access barriers: içerisinde I’ve seen a warning screen twice in September (Pokemon Go, after two warnings, once more cheats are detected, your next alert will be a permanent ban alert). I don’t suppose that would be anything but a technical problem with my Xiaomi Redmi 5 phone. ’

This is often the case with the Xiaomi Redmi 5, which the user says. Although the exact source of the problem is not known, some claim that a system application installed on Xiaomi phones is considered cheating software. Another claim is that the problem may be caused by the Appbooster application of MIUI 10. The developer Niantic has not yet been able to verify these claims.

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